Taylor Bennett Heyman is a trusted adviser to organisations who see the link between reputation and bottom line.

Operating throughout Asia Pacific, the firm was launched in 2013 as a joint venture between UK-based Taylor Bennett and US-based Heyman Associates. Together with GK in Germany, our market-leading family of firms serves clients wherever they need to bolster their corporate affairs and communications practices.


Our exclusive focus on corporate affairs and communications means that we tackle every assignment from a position of genuine expertise. This, coupled with the breadth of our network in this field, enables us to consistently deliver the right outcomes for our clients.


We know the industry. We know the people. And ours is a respected voice in the profession.



Between our family of firms, we have an unmatched panorama of the global communications landscape.


Our collaborative culture means that when you engage with one of our consultants, you are leveraging the expertise and networks of dozens of experienced professionals. Collectively, we ensure our clients receive the thoughtful, considered counsel upon which our reputation is built.

Asia Pacific

Sarah Crawshaw
Managing Director,
Asia Pacific
Heather McGregor
Founder &
Senior Advisor
Sara Hurd
Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific
Jocelyn Lou
Bill Heyman
Founder &
Board Director
Simple Kan
Asia Pacific
Matthew Wall
Board Director
Susan Thomas
Asia Pacific

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Visit our colleagues covering the EMEA region at Taylor Bennett.

Visit our colleagues covering the DACH region at GK.


Visit our colleagues covering North and South America at Heyman Associates.




Long-term relationships are at the core of what we do. We win the trust of organisations and individuals by always acting honestly, ethically and respectfully.


Our consultants are not paid on a commission basis. This means that we are not individually incentivised to provide anything other than objective, impartial counsel.


Whether dealing internally or externally, collaboration is integral to our work. Our commission-free model removes internal competition, encouraging the pooling of resources and knowledge. Moreover, our client relationships go beyond the provision of services; we are partners engaged in an ongoing exchange of ideas.


We take confidentiality seriously. When managing sensitive situations, we do so with the utmost discretion to safeguard the reputations of all parties involved. Read more in our Privacy Policy.


Building a communications profession that is representative of broader society goes close to the heart of our family of businesses. The Taylor Bennett Foundation has received widespread recognition for its contributions to promoting diversity in the communications industry. As well as being an ethical obligation, this commitment to diversity is grounded in sound business logic: our clients are best served by being able to select from the widest possible talent pool.

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