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TBH co-founder Heather McGregor asks “Is Davos really worth it?"

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

TBH co-founder Heather McGregor recently gave her take on the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. In her audio essay for the BBC World Service, she shares her belief that the event’s core value lies in physically bringing leaders together. The face-to-face interactions that take place at forums like Davos are where trust and meaningful relationships are built.

This sentiment seems all the more pertinent in a digital age that has brought with it a proliferation of depersonalised modes of communication. We repeatedly hear of job seekers’ frustrations with algorithm-led recruitment which, when relied on too heavily, serves to reduce candidates to a conglomeration of keywords, not accounting for more qualitative individual traits.

Forging long-term relationships has and always will be at the heart of what we do. Earning the trust of clients and candidates alike give us our license to operate. Technology certainly has its place in the recruitment process but only as a complement to meaningful in-person conversations, not a substitute.

Listen to the broadcast in full here (skip to 13m30s for Heather’s audio essay).

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