Our globe-spanning network in the communications field gives us a privileged vantage point from which to survey the industry landscape.

We help clients to place themselves within this topography: to understand how the industry around them is evolving and evaluate their own state of development. 


You may wish to benchmark your compensation structure against your peers, or assess the communications landscape before entering a new market or region.


We make it our business to stay abreast of market trends and have a wealth of information at our fingertips that could inform your organisation's next step.


Our skilled researchers are continuously unearthing new industry insights for our consultants to corroborate in their ongoing conversations with industry leaders.


In conducting market intelligence projects, we use the insights gleaned from our day-to-day work to give you the necessary context to make the right decisions for your business.

Sharing insights that allow you to make informed decisions for your organisation



A global FMCG company

As part of a global initiative to achieve greater diversity at the leadership level, our client was keen to gain an insight into the makeup of the candidate pool in the Southeast Asia – specifically in relation to a regional communications leadership position they had engaged us to fill.


To provide this insight, we identified all those individuals in the market who could conceivably perform the role and conducted a detailed analysis of this talent pool, accounting for factors such as gender and ethnicity, as well as other criteria like disciplinary focus, seniority level and leadership potential.


Gender was a particular area of focus for our client. Our findings suggested that males were more heavily represented than females in this particular talent pool. Given our client’s desire for a shortlist with strong female representation, we identified alternative research avenues; places where females who were not working in directly relevant industries or disciplines, but who might have transferrable skill sets, could be found.


This yielded a number of suitable individuals who would go on to make it to shortlist for the role and, ultimately, resulted in a placement.


Regional market research and talent pool analysis


Southeast Asia

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