Our core business is partnering with clients to identify and appoint the best corporate affairs and communications professionals for their teams.

That we work on a retained and exclusive basis is a measure of the trust our clients place in our expertise and ability to deliver.


As a low-volume, high-quality business, we work on just a handful of roles at any given time, allowing us to make every client a priority.


The breadth of our network among corporate affairs and communications professionals is unrivalled, as is the quality of our relationships. We take the time to build detailed portraits of our candidates over the course of years and even decades.


We don’t just match skills and experiences to job descriptions. We account for the intangible qualities – someone's character, style and motivations – to match people to organisations.


It is this nuanced, long-term approach that sets us apart from other firms, and it’s no coincidence that the vast majority of our business comes from recommendations and referrals.

Guiding you to

the right leaders 

to safeguard your 





We always strive to be as flexible as possible to clients' individual needs and requirements.


Each search is unique and the duration will vary according to factors like geography, sector and discipline. However, every search we conduct follows the same tried-and-tested five-phase process.



This is the learning phase. We get to know your organisation, your culture, your objectives – and use this knowledge to help craft a job description that attracts the right candidates.



Having been briefed on the role, we begin exploring the market: mining our extensive database, conducting fresh research and sourcing our network.


Longlist & Screening

Once you have signed off on a longlist of potential candidates, we start our outreach and provide weekly updates to keep you abreast of our progress. Further research is conducted as required.


Shortlist & Interviews

Following intensive screening of the candidate pool, we provide reports on 4-6 outstanding candidates who meet your criteria and arrange interviews for you with these individuals.


Offer & Placement

Once a preferred candidate is identified, we are on-hand all the way through to placement: taking references, assisting in drawing up an offer, mediating salary negotiations and ensuring a smooth on-boarding process.



A Fortune 10 multinational organisation

We partnered with a world-leading multinational to find someone to oversee corporate communications for China and Asia Pacific, from its newly established regional hub in Shanghai. The main challenge posed by this brief was the level of the role in relation to the market. Our client required a regional communications leader with the ability and gravitas to act in an advisory capacity to the board. However, this position had a regional communications leader sat above it at vice-president level.


Naturally, the majority of candidates with the requisite leadership skills for this role already held the top regional roles within their companies, and were accustomed to reporting directly into the global centre – something many were unwilling to relinquish. In essence, we were looking for a number one to perform a number two role.


We were able to identify an individual from within the alcoholic beverage industry who, while not actively looking for a new opportunity, was coming to realise that there was little scope for further progression within their current company’s corporate affairs function, and the general management roles that were available were of little interest. This, coupled with the fact that the individual had a great personal interest in our client's products and sector, made the prospect a compelling one.


Further challenges arose during salary negotiations as the candidate was a Chinese national working in Hong Kong on an expat package and would need to relocate to Shanghai for the role, where he would not be considered an expat. Formulating a compelling offer therefore required a degree of creativity to ensure the candidate would retain a similar standard of living without detriment to the client’s bottom line. We were able to successfully guide the client in crafting an offer that would secure their preferred candidate, all the while mediating communications between both parties.


VP, China Communications & Director, Asia Pacific Corporate Communications


Shanghai, China

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