Communications in Asian MNCs: A Rising Function with a Growing Talent Base 19/12/2017

Communications in Asian MNCs


This year, in collaboration with Edinburgh Business School, we conducted a review of the communications function in MNCs headquartered across East and South East Asia, and spoke with some of the communications leaders within these businesses.

Through our research and conversations, we were keen to better understand the distinct ways that organisations in this region are approaching their communications, as well as gain an insight into the experiences of the communicators driving this profession forward.

What we found is that communications, as a profession and function, is growing in stature within these businesses; communications leaders are beginning to see a traceable path to the C-suite. And with the voices of Asian MNCs growing louder on the global economic stage, we believe it is well worth listening to those doing the communicating for these businesses.

Read the report in full here: Communications in Asian MNCs: A Rising Function with a Growing Talent Base

Are you a communications professional working for an Asian MNC? Can you relate to the findings in this report? Share your experiences with us over on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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